Patagopia is...
• Integrated NFTs that bridge the virtual and physical.
• Physical properties in Patagonia.
• The website - a whimsical place to learn about the project and witness the vision of our metaverse.
• A discord and twitter community, where members can be involved in the project.
• An ever evolving metaverse to play in and discover.
• A group of imaganitive developers and artists dedicated to providing a fun and valuable experience.

Our Patagonia Properties

We have already purchased property specifically for the project. Information, pictures, and documents about the property are available on the website. We also have bids accepted on more properties, but there is a process in Chile that verifies the owner has the rights to sell prior to escrow, which is taking some time. In additon, we have a representative researching and traveling in Patagonia.

When the project was envisioned, we wanted a method to associate a real property in Patagonia with each NFT. Since the physical ecosystem has yet to have this function, we consulted with experts on what to do. After talking with the foremost expert in international and Chilean contracts, we decided that each plot of land we bought would have an associated contract. Written by a Chilean attorney, the contracts stipulate that the property will be forever maintained in their pristine and natural state. The properties are currently owned by one of the project's artists. The contract is between the artist and the holders of the NFTs based on the smart contract address. You can view a copy of the redacted contract on the website. Each NFT's metadata will include an actual copy of the contract. We are currently working on creating a non-profit in Chile, which will eventually be the owner of the property.


Deforestation, urban creep, water and air pollution, overhunting and fishing, and general climate change are all infringing on natural resources all over the world.

Patagonia remains one of the most important natural areas in the world. Much of Patagonia is still privately owned. The Argentine and Chilean governments have been expanding protected areas of Patagonia, but it is not enough. Our goal is to purchase strategically located properties in Patagonia that specifically block urban creep, deforestation, and maintain water rights. We vow to keep these properties in their pristine and natural state indefinitely.

A progressive portion of the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will be put directly into additional purchases, taxes and fees on currently held property, and ongoing support of the project. Our goal is to steadily increase the percent of proceeds for property purchases and maintenance.


Provocotters are the first NFTs produced by the Patagopia team. They visualize the virtual and physical through a mixed media style.
Each provocotter comes with a physical plot of land! The physical property is 22 square feet of the actual land in Patagonia. Each Provocotter will have a map telling how to get to their plot. If you would like to visit your plot, we will meet you in Puerto Montt, buy you a Pisco sour, and help arrange a boat trip to the properties!

There are 4800 provocotters, 4550 of whom will be available for minting. 250 provocotters will be witheld from the sale. Ten of those will be reserved for the development team. The remaining 240 will be given away via various giveaways and drops and via the "Holts and Dens" game that will be launched in June/July 2022.

The Provocotters were created from a total of 150 traits which are spread across six categories. The total combinations of traits is over six million. Each Provocotter is unique. We created a program with algorithms that prevented duplications, certain trait combinations, and the creation of a limited number of Provocotter fire fighters. There are 22 different backgrounds, different hats, sunglasses, and many more traits that make each NFT unique.

There are seven very rare Provocotters, the fire captains. But we aren't selling the captains, we are giving them away!! The seven captains will be given away at random a few days after the initial mint to holders of other Provocotters.
We will also include another 91!! of the most rare Provocotters the post sale giveaways. When you mint, you will have a chance to receive two Provocotters!

Adding to the rarity of some Provocotters is their plot location. Only 48 of the 4800 plots are waterfront (most with a beach!!!). The Provocotters with waterfront plot locations are part of the post sale giveaways. Each Provocotter with waterfront property will have a headstart in the game of "Holts and Dens".

Each and every Provocotter will receive additional plots over time. We will be taking royalties of 8% on resales. 33% of the resale royalties are guaranteed to go to purchase/maintenance of property that will be divided amongst the Provocotters, and will not go to other NFTs. (The other part of the royalty proceeds will go to ongoing maintenance and development.) The added plots will be part of off-chain data associated with each Provocotter. We are working on additional smart contracts for assigning each new plot.

Currently we have the mint price for each Provocotter at .077 ETH.


Habitats will be the second release of NFTs by the team. Habitats are bespoke vector graphic images of plots in the Patagopia metaverse. Each habitat will be contractually assigned at least a 200 square foot piece of property in Patagonia. Some rare habitats will have up to 1,000 square feet. Like the Provocotters habitats, this property will be maintained in its pristine untouched state.

Each habitat will contain an artifact that will be used in the Holts and Dens game. Clues to use of the artifacts will be placed within the website, discord discussions, and twitter feeds. There will be 8888 habitats created. We will first release 2,222 habitats which will be in play during Holts and Dens v1. Future habitats will participate in additional games. Additional types of habitats may be created based on demand.

While the Habitats won't have the functionality of the Provocotters, they will have additional value due to assigned rewards, and the physical property sizes. Each Habitat will be priced around .05 ETH.

Holts and Dens

Holts and Dens will be the first game released by Patagopia. It is an online discovery game, the object being to find out where rewards are hidden. Rewards will be in the form of a percentage of the mint proceeds in ETH (5 per game), 98 Provocotter NFTs, Habitat NFTs, and coupons for Pilotters. Holders of Provocotters will be able to move to habitats within the game, working to find the rewards. If the holder does not want to or can't participate in the game, a bot will make the moves for the Provocotter. Habitat holders will be rewarded the same as the Provocotter that discovers the reward in the habitat. Within the game, each habitat will be segmented into sections. A habitat may or may not hold a reward. Patagopia founders' Provocotters can't receive rewards during the game.


Pilotters will be our third set of NFTs. There will be only 777 Pilotters. Pilotters will each have a 5,000!! square foot piece of property in Patagonia. (They have to land their planes.) Each Pilotter's airplane will have a unique tail number, unique wing and tail configurations, and color schemes. Pilotters will be in play in future Patagoia games.

The Website and Artwork

Our website is a bespoke vector graphics website, specifically created by hand for the Patagopia project. The artwork for the website was used in combination with the hand created Provocotter art to create the Provocotters NFTs. The hat artwork was derived from photographs of hats owned by Nico.
The website is an ongoing process. Browsers have some differences in how they handle vector graphics. Depending on the browser you use, you will see differences in the presentation and function of the website. Since vector graphics are and will be a core function of browsers, browser authors (especially Safari) are working to make everything more consistent. That's why we are going to stick with it.
The website is best viewed on a laptop or desktop using either Chrome, Edge, Brave, and to a lesser extent, Firefox. Safari doesn't work so well. Most of the functions work on Chrome mobile. Apple really wants people using apps. Any browser running on an iPhone won't have any function on this website, just text. However, a recent release of mobile Safari points to a change in direction. If need be, we will create an iPhone app.
Things to play with on the site...
Click the lightbulb at night. When things are transitioning, you'll have to wait a sec to start the next function. You can fast forward and pause functions if you want! Dig around and send us feedback, please.


We have developed and tested smart contracts with various options. The resulting contract is an ERC721a contract with ECDSA for whitelist verification. Depending on input from the community, we might adjust our whitelist(s). Minting will only via available via our website, followed by listing on Opensea and other third-party NFT sales sites. We will strive to keep minting costs down, with mints for multiple NFTs grouped for minting. Limits will be set based on input from the community. All NFTs will be priced the same. We are using IPFS for storage with a backup gateway on Pinata. The data and images are also backed up on our servers. See the Contract link for more information.

The Team

Our team consist of three core developers and artists, as well as a number of part-time consultants with expertise in blockchain technologies as well as NFT collectors. The art was partially created by Nico, a British and Chilean national who spends about a third of the year in Florida, the rest in southern Chile. He is an entrepeneur, video producer, graphic artist, and hat collector with a degree in Civil Engineering and a masters in Industrial Engineering. The website and some art was created by Geo, an American who spends part of the year in Chile. He is a full stack developer with over 20 years coding experience, with multiple accreditations. He has been creating customized graphics websites for over four years. Suo created some art, created the Discord server, worked on the website, and the creation various scripts. She has a degree in Cultural Anthropology.


You can contact us on our Discord server or via Twitter. If you would like to send an email, send it to fancyflight at our website address.